Micro Kits

Unless you have set up an automatic watering system before then you are best starting with one the Our pre assembled  Micro Irrigation starter kits. The kits contain all the basics needed to get you started, such as a Digital Tap Timer, hole punch, supply tube / micro tube, connectors and importantly installation instructions.

Also included in the kits, dependant on the kit selected, are drippers,  and mini sprinklers. Take a look at each kit listed below to determine which is best for your watering needs.

Once you have installed a watering systems from a kit you can expand on the system with all of our micro irrigation components. You should also feel more confident about what you need after having first set up the starter kit.

Before you decide on whether to buy a kit it is worth noting that the kits also offer a substantial saving over buying the k micro irrigation components individually. Even if the kits contain parts you may not need its still worth comparing the cost of the individual parts needed against the price of the complete kits.