Drip Tape & Fittings

For Consistent water delivery to each plant

NaanDanJain is a global leader in the design and production of solutions for crop irrigation, particularly drip irrigation systems, including components such as drip line, drip pipe, and innovative dripper nozzle equipment. Our extensive range of drip irrigation solutions features integrated emitters (drip tape) and molded emitters (drip line), along with pressure compensated, no-drain and anti-siphon models.
Built to the highest standards of engineering and quality control, our drip line and drip tape ensure maximum resistance to clogging, maximum uniformity and maximum yield at harvest.

Our heartland is the connection we share and value with our farmers. It is because of this that we care about making sure they are getting the very best in irrigation technology. With our roots in some of the driest areas on earth, like Israel, Greece, and California, we know how precious water is, and have refined the art of maximizing water usage to become an agricultural powerhouse. Drip irrigation is how this was done.

Growing global population and food consumption trends mean more water is needed to feed the planet. Although currently only 20% of agriculturally productive land is irrigated, that land produces 50% of the world’s food. The case for drip irrigation is clear, in how it increases farm yields and the grower’s bottom line.

Regulatory pressures, government subsidies for drip irrigation, and increasing input costs mean that it is only a matter of time before it becomes a must to save water but also for farmers to be more profitable. Put simply, drip irrigation delivers water, nutrients, and chemicals to individual plants with extreme precision in an open field, orchard, and protected crop environment. Making sure each plant gets exactly what it needs for optimal outcomes. Application rates are low, creating between 10% and up to 50% water usage savings.