Dosatron Injectors

Sustainable fertilizer injection solutions for greenhouses, garden centers, and nurseries.
For beautiful, healthy plants and blooms, professional growers have been turning to Dosatron for trusted experience.
With Dosatron, your plants get the right amount of nutrients every time.
Our versatile fertilizer injectors are the industry gold-standard for quality and reliability.
Dosatron Greenline has been developed specifically for Irrigation applications.
Ideal Dosatron Units for:
  • Irrigation: D3GL-2, D45-1.5, D8, D20S,
  • Timber Treatment: D3RE-5, D3RE-10, D8R
  • Vehicle Washing: D3RE-2, D3RE-5, D3RE-10
  • Livestock: D25RE-2

Available with;
  • VF Seals Low PH Recommended seals for acids, oils, odour- or pest control concentrates.
  • AF Seals High PH Recommended seals for for alkaline concentrates.