The Arad multijet meters are a proven performer in accurate measurment of water volumes. With a brass body and scratch resistant coating, the Arad multijet is the workhorse of small meters.
The Model -M Arad Water Meters are for domectic, agriculture and industrial use, they use the Multi-Jet principle which ensures you get the best performance.Wide clearances in the measuring chamber and negligible area of contact between static and moving parts are the main reasons why these water meters are highly reliable.

Features And Technical Information:
  • For electrical output 1/2"-1 1/4" = 1 pulse every litre,1 1/2"-2" 1 pulse every 10 litres.
  • Only one moving part-the impeller, in contact with the water with minimum wear and reliability.
  • Magnet driven sealed registers with stainless steel/glass for anti fogging.
  • Arad electrical options are adaptable to the meter. *Max Temp-50c - Max Pressure-16 BAR
  • Avaliable sizes-1/2"-2"

Designed for industrial, agricultural and urban(municipal) water supply applications that require more than just the traditional mechanical register of water meters.
Arad Water Meters equipped with electrical output devices combine the high reliability of the hermetically sealed magnetically driven register with a wide variety of electrical output options.
All existing Arad water meters with magnetic registers can be easily upgraded to include electrical output.
Application Examples:
Remote Reading in combination with a remote reading system or computerised data acquisition system, it is possible to collect and process water usage data in in multi-apartment house, in places with no access, or wherever it is required to bring all data to one point.

Transducer Types & Reed Switch (EV) Sensor
A magnet activates this sensor. It acts as a “Dry Contact “and does not consume electric power. This is the most suitable sensor for “VOLUME” measurement and in such applications its operating life is practically unlimited (ca. 100 million cycles). The maximum contact current is 50mA and maximum voltage is 48v.

A 3 pointer register with magnet installed on one of them. The reed switch sensor is installed in hermetically sealed transparent plastic cover that is mounted by the Arad factory in one of 3 positions facing the pointer with the magnet. The choice of 3 values of output is thus available in 1:10:100 ratios.

  • For domestic, agriculture and industrial use
  • Available Sizes - 3/4"- 2" (20mm- 50mm)
  • Standard cold water meter for horizontal installation.
  • WRAS approved for use on drinking water supplies.

  • Supplied with Male BSP threaded tails Uses magnetic drive, multi jet principle.
  • Max working pressure 16 bar Max temp 50 degree

CodeSizeMax - Flow Rate m³/hrNominal - Flow Rate m³/hr
AWM12 / AWME12 1/2" 3 1.5
AWM34 / AWME34 3/4" 5 2.5
AWM1 / AWME1 1" 7 3.5
AWM114 / AWME114 1 1/4" 10 5
AWM112 / AWME112 1 1/2" 12 6
AWME2 / AWME2 2" 30 15