Enduramaxx Underground Tanks

Enduramaxx’s underground water tanks designed for irrigation and potable water. Manufactured with high-density polyethene in a robust one-piece stress-free moulding with smooth hygienic internal and external surfaces, these underground tanks are available from 800 litres to 9500 litres capacity.  Plastic or galvanised lids are available as well as a raised turret for AB Air Gap installations.

Underground Rainwater Water Tanks

Our range of durable underground water tanks offers a space-saving solution for storing harvested rainwater intended for irrigation, watering plants and washing cars.  They can also be used to store water from other sources such as springs and wells being constructed from tough polyethene.  They are also ideal for many domestic, commercial and industrial applications including farming and agricultural, landscape gardening and the storage of water in case of a fire emergency.

Installed beneath the ground’s surface, our Underground Tanks are functional without disturbing the visual appeal of the surrounding areas.  A manhole cover on the top of the tank on the ground surface allows you to check the contents.  Depending on the installation these covers are strong enough to support pedestrian traffic and in some cases vehicular traffic.

Delivery of large goods (over 1m³) are required to have off-loading equipment at the delivery address. (Certain postcodes in parts of Wales, Scotland, Highlands, Islands may cost more. Email for details.)

All Enduramaxx Tanks Include Free carriage, please allow 5-10 days for Delivery