Naandanjain Super fogger

Using low flow foggers is an extremely efficient method of controlling greenhouse conditions, such as to increase humidity or cooling. The very small droplet foggers are perfect for creating the ideal micro-climate conditions inside the greenhouse.

Optimal and economical solution for cooling, humidifying, fungicide and pesticide spraying in greenhouses.

  • Various connections, outlets and pressures for multi greenhouse application.
  • Economic – Build in Leakage Prevention Device, no need for additional LPD
  • 3/8” thread, Barb, connection with unique filter for extra protection.
  • Low maintenance


Climate control for vegetables, flowers and herbs in greenhouse


  • Single, two and four outlets are available
  • – Super Fogger X1 (single outlet)
  • – Super Fogger X2 (two outlets)
  • – Super Fogger X4 (four outlets)
  • Built-in LPD (Leakage Prevention Device)

– High pressure (blue cover)

  • Very small droplets for minimal foliage wetting during pulsed operation
  • Excellent coverage when used for pesticide application
  • Easy installation and service
  • Chemical-resistant raw materials
  • Connections for PE & PVC pipes
  • Multi connections: female & 4/7 barb for PE pipes and 3/8” thread for PVC pipes.
  • Recommended working pressure: High pressure: 4.0 bar Medium pressure: 3.0 bar
  • Recommended filtration: 130 micron (120 mesh)