Rain Bird ESP-2WIRE

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Rain Bird’s controller line-up has been expanded to offer an entry-level, easy to use irrigation controller for residential and light commercial applications. The ESP-2WIRE Controller will accommodate up to 50 stations
plus master valve/pump start relay and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. The ESP-2WIRE Controller provides flexible scheduling features to accommodate a wide variety of landscape applications. Powerful advanced irrigation features help meet any type of regional watering restrictions.


The ESP-2WIRE Controller features decoder auto-address for the controller to detect decoder addresses
that are connected to the 2-wire path and automatically assign them to station numbers for significant
time savings.
The ESP-2WIRE Controller is compatible with standard direct burial wire between 18 AWG (0.75mm²) and 10
AWG (6.0 mm²) and standard weatherproof irrigation wire connectors. To further simplify installation, there is
a grounding lug provided at the controller and field grounding the 2-wire path is not required. Although not required, grounding the 2-wire path is possible with the use of the IVM-SD.
The ESP-2WIRE Controller mounts with as few as two mounting screws. A guide for 1/2” or 3/4” conduit fittings allows for professional installation of field wires into the cabinet. For larger field wire needs, remove the knockout for a 1” diameter opening.


  • 50-station capacity standard without the need for expansion modules
  • Compatible with standard direct burial irrigation wire and standard irrigation wire connectors
  • Decoder Auto-Address to detect and assign decoder addresses to stations
  • 2W-1 DECODER
  • Large LCD display with easy to navigate user interface
  • Rain sensor input with bypass capability
  • Master valve/pump start compatibility
  • Non-volatile (100 year) storage memory
  • Supports two 2-wire paths
  • Diagnostic LEDs on the back plane and on each 2W-1 Decoder
  • Electronic diagnostic circuit breaker
  • Compatible with 2W-1 single station decoders

Scheduling Features

  • Program based scheduling with 4 individual programs and 6 independent start times per program for 24 total start times
  • Watering schedule options: Custom Days of the week, ODD or EVEN calendar days, or Cyclic (every 1 – 30 days)