Hunter Decoders

Decoder installations continue to be one of the fastest growing forms of technology in irrigation control. A key advantage over conventional systems is that decoders use less wire than conventional systems. That in turn means lower cost, faster installation, simpler troubleshooting and easier repairs. Systems can be easily expanded with minimal digging and disruption of landscaping by adding in more decoders rather than running additional wires.

Surveyor™ and AGC enable you to take advantage of this cost-efficient approach with the two-wire decoder version of the controller. The D-series decoder is available in your choice of 1, 2, 4 and 6-station outputs making it possible to run each head on an entire green with a single decoder. In all, decoders let you operate up to 99 stations out to 4½ km from a single controller. You can even mix decoders with your conventional system so they are ideal for system retrofits.


  • Built-in surge suppression. No additional surge arrestors required
  • Color-coded wire connections
  • True independent station control
  • Instead of individual decoders try DIH rotors with the decoder built right into the sprinkler. Supplemental surge arrestors are required with DIH rotors
  • Program decoder addresses from the AGC controller or use the handheld decoder programmer to do it wirelessly out on the course
  • Two-way feedback to the controller with confirmation and status indication
  • Controller Stations: 99 decoder outputs with up to 2 Hunter VIH rotors per output for 198 heads per controller