Enduramaxx Slimline Tanks

Slimline Water Storage Tanks

Slimline Water Tanks are available in flat, upright or horizontal designs, these plastic slimline tanks have specifically been designed using opaque polyethene allowing you to see the water level at a glance. With their individually proven design, are available to meet the widest possible range of uses in rainwater harvesting and are WRAS approved as a potable drinking water tank. These plastic tanks are available in 400 litres, 500 litres, 800 litre and 1000 litre capacities and are backed by a solid warranty.

Designed for space restrictive locations

Designed for space restrictive locations these water plastic storage tanks are rotationally moulded for uses throughout the agricultural, commercial, domestic, horticultural, industrial and irrigation markets. These tanks are perfect for slimline rainwater tanks and storage, water storage for gardens and irrigation systems, loft header tanks, storage of potable water and storage of liquids where space is at a premium. Many of our smaller slimline water tanks are baffled to add strength and reduce water movement. The storage tanks have a wide range of uses including:

  • Chemical dosing tank
  • Car valeting tank
  • Window cleaning tank
  • Drinking / potable water tank
  • Trailer tank
  • Water bowser
  • Food grade tank
  • Camper/motorhome tank
  • Slimline rainwater tank

BSP Tank Outlets

Our slimline tank are fitted with a BSP threaded outlet to allow easy connection of fittings and pipework, additional plastic BSP sockets can be fusion welded into the tanks. Standard tanks are made from semi-translucent polymer but a wide range of colours are also available to order. Lids can be either vented or unvented for potable water applications.

WRAS Approved For Drinking Water

Our water tanks are all fully DWI approved and meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31.

All Enduramaxx Tanks Include Free carriage, please allow 5-10 days for delivery.