Rain Bird IQ Cloud

The IQ Platform

The IQ Central Control System allows users to monitor and manage their irrigation systems remotely by computer, or by using mobile-devices such as a cellphone and tablet.There are three different IQ installation options, all of which have similar features and User Interfaces. The difference is where the software is installed and how it is accessed.

  • IQ Desktop -Users manage irrigation system(s) from a single PC.
  • IQ Cloud -Users connect to the Rain Bird IQ Cloud Server through the internet.
  • IQ Enterprise -Users connect to a server provided by the customer that is running the IQ software.

Required System Hardware

The following hardware is required for setting up the IQ Central Control System:

ESP-LX Series Controller (LXME or LXD)

IQ Communication Cartridge. (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular).

The IQ Platform offers state-of-the-art command and control features in an easy to learn and use interface. IQ provides advanced water management features saving money and time. The IQ Platform consists of three options:

  • IQ-Desktop v. 3.0,
  • IQ-Cloud v. 3.0,
  • IQ-Enterprise v. 3.0.


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