Irrigation Watering Design Service

If you are after an Irrigation Watering Design we can help!

We offer general garden design for all residential gardens.

All we require:

  • A basic layout drawing (Not Architectural standard) showing the basic shape of the lawn and borders including all the measurements in metres.
  • Some digital photographs as well if possible.
  • An idea of allowed budget - we will always aim to achieve best price to performance ratios based on your needs.

Water flow test from the water tap to be used ( fill a known sized container and time how long it takes to fill and let us know)

We will then work out a cost-effective design and send you a full quotation.

Once the quote is accepted you would be sent the sprinkler positions, valve box positions and an installation guide on how it all fits together, with telephone support on hand should you need further assistance. 

Send across your details  and we will send the appropriate email address to send any applicable images and further info to!