Naandanjain Fogger Sprayers

Using low flow foggers is an extremely efficient method of controlling greenhouse conditions, such as to increase humidity or cooling. The very small droplet foggers are perfect for creating the ideal micro-climate conditions inside the greenhouse.

Flow Rate
3 Bar 24lts/hr,
4 Bar 28lts/hr
For cooling and humidifying only:

  • (4 foggers on cross or 2 foggers on T)
  • 3.0-4.0 m between laterals
  • 2.0-3.0 m between heads
  • For cooling and humidifying only:
  • (2 foggers on T only)
  • 2.0-3.0 m between laterals
  • 1.5 m between heads

Main Features;

  • Extra fine droplet size (55 microns @ 4.0 bar)
  • Range of flow rates for different precipitation rates
  • High water distribution uniformity and coverage
  • Chemical resistant raw materials
  • PE and PVC connections
  • Easy installation and service
  • Filtration requirements: 130 microns (120 mesh)
  • LPD (Leakage Prevention Device) for simultaneous startup and shut-down of the system
  • High pressure LPD and Medium pressure LPD are available

For optimal cooling or humidifying of greenhouses;

  •  Reduces greenhouse temperature
  •  Increases greenhouse humidity
  •  Provides perfect conditions for plant propagation
  •  Fogger on T assembly used for pesticide application