Plasson Line 7 White WRAS Compression

Plasson mechanical fittings are design to high performance pipe jointing and a long system life. These high quality fittings are very durable and easy to use. They are ideal for larger pipe sizes and on mains water systems.

With proven reliability and designed specifically for use with polyethylene pipe; some Plasson fitting have been installed for over 50 years. The simple to use captive o-ring seal provides a lifetime protection against leakage which require no additional tightening to achieve a continuous seal.

The entire range of Plasson mechanical fittings are design to work with a wide range of pipe sizes. With a comprehensive range including valves, accessories, threaded and compression fittings, inserts and adaptors you will be able to solve every problem with a single range of fittings.

Plasson mechanical fittings are constructed of WRAS approved materials, allowing use on potable water systems. It has been approved by a wide range of European and global agencies for use on potable water systems.

Lock Nut                          White Polypropylene
Body                                Black Polypropylene
Split Ring                         Acetal (POM)
'O' Ring                            Nitrile Rubber
Reinforcing Ring:             Stainless Steel on all female Offtakes from 1 1/4" upwards

Operating Temperatures   The fittings are not to be used with hot water,although they withstand the same temperature as the Polythene pipe itself. The fittings and valves will withstand sub-zero temperatures.

WRAS Approved