Rain Bird LXIVM 2-Wire Controller

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Rain Bird LX-IVM 2-Wire Controller
ESP-LXIVM Series Controllers
Revolutionary 2-Wire Design with Integrated Valve Module (IVM)
• 60 or 240 Fixed Stations
• 10 or 40 Programs with 8 Start Times Each
• Up to 10 Master Valves and Flow Sensors
• Up to 8 Weather Sensors
ESP-LX-IVM (60 Station)
ESP-LX-IVM PRO (240 Station)

Rain Bird LX-IVM 2-Wire Controller
  • The ESP-LXIVM 2-Wire Controller has many powerful, flexible and simple to use features, starting with the revolutionary new Integrated Valve Module with “smart solenoid” that stays in constant communication with the controller to provide efficient irrigation and advanced diagnostics.
  • The ESP-LXIVM supports up to 60 stations standard or 240 stations with LX-IVM Pro.
  • Up to four 2-Wire paths can be connected, plus flow sensing and advanced flow management tools that set new industry standards for state-of-the art water management.
  • Rain Bird’s ESP-LXIVM Series 2-Wire controllers are designed for the largest and most demanding sites, such as housing or condominium complexes,schools, sports fields, parks and public spaces, or large industrial and commercial sites.
Water Management Features
  • Learn Flow utility and flow usage totalizer help optimize water usage
  • FloWatch™ protection for high and low fl ow conditions set by the user
  • FloManager™ manages hydraulic demand, make full use of available water to turn on as many stations as possible without exceeding water supply and reducing the total time to complete irrigation cycles.
  • SimulStations™ allows stations to operate at the same time; up to 8 with LX-IVM and 16 with LXIVM Pro
  • Cycle+Soak™ by station
  • Rain Delay up to 30 days
  • 365-Day Calendar Day Off (up to 5 days)
  • Station Delay by program
  • Normally Open or Normally Closed Master Valves programmable by station; up to 5 with LX-IVM and 10 with LX-IVM Pro
  • Optional Weather Sensors are programmable by station to prevent or pause watering; up to 4 with LX-IVM and 8 with LX-IVM Pro
  • Seasonal Adjust by Program or by Month
Max Programs 10 40
Stations 60 240
Max Simulstations 8 16 (Plus active MV)
Master Valves 5 10
Flow Sensors 5 10
Weather Sensors 4 8(including 1 Local
Watering Windows 1 Per Program
Max Run Time 96 Hours
Start Times/Program 8
Interstation Delay Up to 1 Hour per program
LCD 2.5”x5” at 127x256 pixels.
Monochrome with backlight
Front Panel Buttons - All Buttons are back-lit
- 5 Programming Button
- Dedicated Language, Info and Back Buttons
Transformer Size 1.9amp (50VA)
IVM current draw 720 uA (Standby)
Sensor current draw 8.4 mA (Standby)
Max wire run 1.65 miles (2.66Km) 14 AWG in Star configuration
6.61 miles (10.63Km) Looped
No. 2-Wire paths and terminal pairs 4
Cabinet Plastic
(flow sensing)
YES - Available Options:
Diagnose & Eliminate
Shut Down & Alarm, Alarm Only
(flow optimization)
Flow Rate
0 to 9999.9 gallons/min.
(0.1 gallons/min. resolution)
Supported Flow Sensors FS050P, FS075P, FS100P, FS150P,
FS200P, FS300P, FS400P, FS100B,
FS150B,FS200B, FS350B, FS350SS Custom
Surge 20 kV int. - 1 IVM-SD every
500 ft. (or 15 field devices)
Valve Type DC Latching
Short Finding
Automatically detect and turn off wire path
Ability to turn on constant current source for field troubleshooting
Electrical History
- Daily Values (Last 30 Days)
- Monthly Averages (Last 12 Months)
- Values recorded 11:59 PM daily
Diagnostics – Field Device Response List Responding and List Not Responding
Controller Output
Tracks Current Draw from 2-Wire
Path 0.67 mA per IVM-SOL/IVM-OUT
6 mA per IVM-SEN
Watering Test
Test All Stations
1 to 10 Mins. (per station)
Central Control
Watering Test
Test All Stations
1 to 10 Mins. (per station)
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