Sisystems RH Dripline Black PC AS 1.5mm 2lts/hr at 33cms

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Sisystems RH Dripline
  • Sisystems economy dripline with a drip rate of 2.0 litres per hour.
  • The dripline is available in 25mts, 50mts or 100mts long and has drippers evenly spaced at 33cm intervals.
  • Sisystems Drip Pipe is ideal for use on sloped or undulating ground as the pressure compensated emitters ensure that even watering takes place along the length of the dripline.
Features and Benefits;
  • Pressure-compensating
  • Precise and equal amounts of water are delivered over a broad pressure range
  • 100% uniformity of. water and nutrient distribution along laterals.
  • Self-flushing dripper design
  • Flushes debris as it is detected throughout operation, and not only at the beginning or end of a cycle; this ensures uninterrupted dripper operation.
  • Anti-siphon mechanism
  • Anti-siphon mechanism prevents contaminants from being drawn into the dripper.
  • Unique dripper design with physical root barrier which provides better protection against root intrusion without reliance on chemicals.
  • Black in colour with feint Purple lines.
  • 1.5mm Pipe Thickness