Rain Bird XF Drip Pipe 16mm x 33cm x 1.6lts x 100mts

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Rain Bird XF Drip Pipe 100m Coil
  • This inline emitter tubing is ideal for irrigating any row vegetation, hedges, trees, shrubbery and ground cover.
  • Its outstanding pressure compensation and flexibility makes it ideal for more intricate border areas without the need for additional barbed fittings.It is also particularly suitable for watering slope plantings.
  • Unmatched clog-resistance for long term reliability.
  • Light brown coloured tubing makes it practically invisible under mulch or on the ground.
  • Patented pressure compensating dripper assures even distribution.
  • Flow: 1.6 l/h
  • Outside diameter: 16mm
  • Emitter spacing: 33cm
  • Maximum run length: 94meters @ 2.4bar (supplied from a single source)