Rain Bird Acme Adapter Tails

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Rain Bird Acme Adapter Tails
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  • 1" Acme - 1" BSP
  • 1 1/4" Acme - 1" BSP
  • 1 1/4"" Acme - 1 1/4"" BSP
  • 1 1/2 Acme - 1 1/2" BSP

ACME Male - BSP Female

Rain Bird Swing Joint Features
  • Superior flow characteristics through an innovative swept elbow design* that reduces pressure loss by over 50% compared to other swing joints. With an available enlarging outlet or reducing outlet (no additional adapters required), you can save money using smaller diameter swing joints with many larger rotor heads.
  • Excellent structural integrity from the swept elbow design reduces the costs associated with fatigue-related failures.
  • Double O-ring protection provides a better seal ensuring joints are kept clean and can be repositioned more easily. When Rain Bird swing joints are assembled under water, a unique pressure-relieving vent* bypasses trapped water from the joint threads, preventing O-ring damage or extrusion.
  • Modified ACME outlet improves safety by losing seal engagement before losing thread engagement during rotor removal. This provides a visual indication that the system is still under pressure.
  • Color-coding and distinct size markings reduce costs by eliminating errors and improving installation efficiency with quick size identification at the job site.
  • Enlarging outlet swing joints are easily identified with a separate color-coded outlet.
  • Threaded inlets are oversized making hand tightening and blind installations (under water) easier. This also reduces the risk of potential damage caused by over-tightening with a wrench.
  • An available triple-top outlet configuration allows for easier adjustments when turf height changes or rotors settle. It also provides greater flexibility in setting the rotor to the grade.