Rain Bird ESP-LX Modular Series

Rain Bird ESP-LX Modular Series


  • 8 station base model with the capacity to expand up to 32 stations, in increments of 4 or 8 stations Hot swappable modules can be installed in any position while controller is in operation
  • Spacious heavy-duty key-locking cabinet with internal junction box provides space for clean and professional installation
  • Removable, battery-programmable panel for the convenience of both programming instruction and programming prior to installation
  • D-drip program can be run simultaneously with program A, B or C to maximize hydraulic capacity and minimize watering time
  • Calendar-Day-Off option to set any day of the month as a non-watering day for all programs User-selectable languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese
  • Seasonal adjustment available by program and by month up to 300% Programmable Rain Delay enables system to stay off for a specified period of time with an auto restart
  • Programmable Valve Delay to allow water storage recovery Cycle + Soak by station allows total irrigation time to be split into usable cycles, minimizing run-off Programmable Master Valve/pump start circuit for optimal irrigation control Sensor bypass switch allows user to override active sensor by station Built-in diagnostic functions let you confirm program information, calculate total program and valve run times Built-in test program operates all system valves in sequence
  • Self-setting circuit breaker identifies a valve or wiring fault and continues with operable stations Non volatile memory maintains the programme in event of power outage

ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Input required: 230v AC-50Hz Output: 26.5v AC 1.9amps Multi-valve station capacity: up to two 24v AC, 7 amp solenoid valves per station plus a master valve Power Back up: Lithium coin-cell battery maintains time and date


An extremely user friendly controller with large digital display and intuitive programming. The ESP-LX Modular can fit the  specification from a high-end residential installation to a  commercial installation.


Number of programs:               4

Automatic starts:                    8 per day per program

Programming schedules:         7-day week, odd, even, custom

Station timing:                        0-12 hours for all stations Permanent day off.