XLPE Two Core Decoder Cable 2.5mm x 1mts

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XLPE Two Core Decoder Cable 2.5mm x 1mts-50mts
  • This cable has been custom designed specifically for Irrigation Installations. It consist of two cores of copper wire with conductors with a round profile area each of 2.5 sq.mm.
  • The Cable has three ply protection.
    • A tough outer polyethylene 'shell' (MDPE).
    • PVC Sheath around the copper wire, one coloured red and the other blue.
    • Insulation material between the sheaths and the shell. This material is XLPE or PEX and is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). A 'cross-linking process is carried out during process.
  • The cross linking provides three key improvements to the material by:
    • Enhanced high temperature tolerance.
    • Reducing moisture permeability
    • Enhanced dielectric properties, which is is important for medium voltage -50kV AC.
    • The cable's outer shell is coloured bright orange to enhance visability.
  • Cable Type: XE
  • Standard: IEC 60502-1
  • Standard: PQ-1060
  • No of Cores: 2 x 2.5mm
Construction and Dimensions
  • Conductor Type: Cu(Copper)
  • Shape: Circular
  • Class/Standard: 1/IEC 60228
  • Nominal Diameter: 1.73mm
  • Insulation Material: XLPE
  • Nominal Radial Thickness: 0.7mm
  • Diameter over Insulation: 3.2mm
  • Outer Sheath material: MDPE
  • Nominal Overall Diameter: 9.7mm
Electrical Data
  • Max Conductor DC resistance at 20°C: 7.41 Ohm/km
  • Star Resistance per phase at 50Hz: 0.11 Ohm/kw
  • Maximum Permanent current rating at air at 40°C: 33 (9) A36 (8)
  • Approved by Hunter to use with their Decoders