Tricoflex TCF Multi Purpose Hose

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Tricoflex TCF Multipurpose Reinforced Hose

Transparent in colour

Three layer design, in flexible, clear PVC, with high resistant polyester fibre reinforcement.

Multipurpose hose suitable for numerous applications :

  • Compressed air hose for supplying pneumatic tools
  • For equipping assembly work stations, wall-mounted or mobile dispensers, compressors

All Sectors of Activity

  • Automotive industry
  • Assembly plants
  • Plastics industry
  • Construction
  • Garages (for cars, lorries & agricultural machinery)
  • Woodworking etc.
  • Brewery & Pubs

Simulants A, B, C, D1

  • Fruit Juices
  • Wines
  • Alcohols
  • Milk


The materials used in TCF provide it with flexibility, high transparency, UV protection.It is suitable for contact with food productsand even alcohols up to 50% by volume can be carried.
Moreover, its balanced reinforcement provides good re-sistance to pressure and deformation at low pressures.


Quick connectors, swaged connectors, barbed or ser-rated connectors. band, worm drive, screw or butterfly clamps.

TCF is suitable for various acids and alkalis. For more information please consult table pages 104 to 107 column A.

Hydrocarbons make TCF quickly degrade.

Available in 30mts coils

Size Chart

Internal Diameter Outside Diameter Bar Pressure Rating
6mm 11mm 13
8mm 13mm 13
10mm 15mm 13
12.5mm 18mm 13
16mm 22mm 13
19mm 26mm 13
25mm 33mm 13
32mm 41mm 12
38mm 47mm 11

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